SCULPTURE > Fools and Jesters

This work is inspired by the comic characters of Commedia dell arte and Shakespearean plays. Fools and jesters are complex and contradictory. They are the ones who can get away with telling the truth under the guise of humor and wit. At the same time, they can be dark and threatening.

It has been my intent to make objects that are complex and ambiguous – objects, like fools and jesters, that are full of questions and dichotomies. They are appealing, beautiful and tactile but sometimes sinister and dangerous. They are ceramic vessels and figures without apparent function. They are hard and severe solids clothed in soft fabric and fiber. They are shapes and forms that seem both organic and mechanical at the same time. They present narratives that are implied but are not explicit.

ceramic with stainless steel wire
62" x 38" x 38"
ceramic with wire
46" x 16" x16"
ceramic with copper thread
76" x 16" dia
ceramic with wire, fabric and rope
76" x 18" dia
ceramic with fur, tubing and barbed wire
45" x 18" dia
ceramic with tubing and feathers
18" dia x 45"
ceramic with fiber, fur, tubing and ribbon
44" x 16" x 16"